Genome Foundation

Genome Foundation (GF) is a non-profit company established under section 25 of Companies Act, 1956 founded by a group of eminent Molecular Biologists and former Founder and Directors, CCMB, Late Dr Lalji Singh and Late Dr P M Bhargava and renowned Forensic Scientist, former Advisor, IGP, AP, Dr Gandhi P C Kaza, Former Secretary DST, Dr Palle Rama Rao and former NIMS Director, late Dr Kakarla Subba Rao and others. The Chairman Emeritus of GF is Dr C Rangarajan, Former Governor of RBI, Govt. of AP and Economic Advisor to the Indian PM and Shri K V Chowdary, Former Central Vigilance Commissioner of India, is currently the Chairman of Genome Foundation, while the co-founder, Dr Gandhi P C Kaza is the Managing Director.

Genome Foundation is recognized as a scientific organization by ‘Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation (SIRO), Department of Science and Technology (DST), CSIR, Min of S & T, Govt. of India’, for carrying out Research in genetics/genomics and its application in Diagnosis and Prognosis for better management and prevention of Rare Mendelian Diseases. Besides, developing evidence based integrated OMICS approaches in developing wellness models for ameliorating suffering of patients with life style diseases, including cancer. Genome Foundation is certified for ‘Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques (PCPNDT)’ facility recognized by the Medical & Health Dept., Government of Telangana State.

The domain experts of GF include some of the seasoned human genetics/genomics, genome diversity scientists, clinicians, and molecular biologists who are the erstwhile heads of central and state government organizations.

‘Precision medicine’ is the outcome of genetics/genomics contributions in clinical practice. There is a growing momentum to improve this further by integrating genomic information into clinical care by incorporating powerful new disease prevention, prediction, diagnosis and treatment tools. Advances in cellular and molecular biology techniques, genetic technology and understanding of pathology at a molecular level, coupled with an increasing patient demand for genetic and genomic investigation, are driving this momentum. GF is one of the leading organisations in India offering ‘Gut Microbiome Modulation’ based treatment options for life style and genetic disorders to patients with appropriate prebiotic, probiotic, symbiotic and nutraceutical supplements.

GF offers all diagnostic services at affordable, not-for-profit prices with free genetic counselling services and alternative treatment optional advisory services to the patients and their families.


The problem of genetic disorders is as enormous as our largest populated nation in the world. Millions of Indians suffer silently from a variety of rare and common genetic disorders and diseases and Genome Foundation is solely established to help mitigating the problems with care, concern and compassion to all.

Genome Foundation offers:

  • Diagnostic services (molecular, cytogenetics, prenatal and carrier) for various genetic disorders,
  • Genetic counselling for multiple genetic disorders at no additional cost to help manage and reduce risk to current and future generations,
  • Extended services to the patients, clinicians, diagnostic experts and health care providers with comprehensive, factual and timely reports of ISO Quality Standard to make informed choices and treatment plans,
  • Genetic screening of patients suffering from chronic lifestyle diseases to assess the prevalence and patterns of genetic disorders and carry out Research & Development activities towards profiling, prevention and possible treatment options,
  • Training and skill development for young scientists, professionals and students.






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