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Expecting mothers invariably have concerns about the health and wellbeing of their off-springs. Therefore, getting the health checks right from pre-pregnancy stages through pregnancy and post-pregnancy has become a crucial and important aspect in the past decades, where many parents are experiencing difficulties right from conception to the delivery. Many well informed parents, doctors and clinicians nowadays resort to genetic screenings as a routine practise which is proven to be helpful to the expectant mothers and their families.

Genetic testing before, during and after pregnancy

Genetic testing is “very helpful for families with a family history of genetic disease. It is very essential to do carrier screening in case of autosomal recessive (such as cystic fibrosis) and X linked recessive conditions (Duchenne muscular Dystrophy) It is very difficult to screen all the women for carrier status. However it is ideal to screen women for the carrier status of common recessive conditions based on the population prevalence and family information. Ideally, testing should be done before conception so parents are aware of the risk of passing genetic conditions to their children. Although genetic testing cannot identify every possible issue, the goal is to provide people with enough information to make a decision about conception or pregnancy management.

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